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Useful Information for Foreign Students

Life, Work and Fun


Slovenia has great system for subsidising student meals. If you have a student status and you register, you can get a certain amount of warm meals per month at a subsidised price.


  • DORMS: We even have a room guarantee for students through our partners. We offer help with housing during your studies in Maribor. The dorms are 15 minutes away from DOBA Business School. The prices vary depending on your preference (100 – 250 € per month).
  • TRANSPORT: You can buy a subsidised monthly bus ticket. A single fair ticket is 0,80 €.
  • MEAL: approx. 7 € in an inexpensive restaurant, but see the above the information about food coupons for students
  • A CUP OF COFFEE: approx. 1,20 € in a coffee shop
  • A LOAF OF WHITE BREAD: approx. 1,20 € in a supermarket
  • 1 KG OF APPLES: approx. 1,30 € in a supermarket
  • 1 L OF MILK: approx. 1,10 € in a supermarket
  • 0,5 L OF WATER: approx. 0,70 € in a supermarket. Tap water in Slovenia is drinkable, so you don’t have to buy it.


If you have a student status, you can work temporary or part-time. You can find more information here.




Slovenia has a rich cultural heritage, with a lot of museums, theatres and even castles. The city of Maribor was the European Capital of Culture in 2012. There are a lot of cultural events throughout the whole year, but the biggest one is the Summer Festival Lent.



Slovenia is a green country with a lot of forest, lakes, rivers, hills and mountains. It really is a piece of paradise. You should visit our capital Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Postojna cave, the magical coastal city of Piran, the Slovenian Alps.  Maribor is also at the foot of Pohorje hill, so you will have a beautiful retreat into nature at your doorstep. There are also many wine producing regions in Slovenia that produce high quality wines.


With all the mountains and hills, Slovenia has a lot of opportunities to hike, ski, snowboard, etc. Pohorje in Maribor also has a Bike park with downhill tracks if you’re into adrenalin sports. You can also attend a football match of the best Slovenian team FC Maribor (hint: wear a violet T-shirt). You can also visit a fitness studio.


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