Our Vision, Mission and Values


Our Vision, Mission and Values


A School that Goes Beyond.

To become the leading school for online learning in SE Europe and an international champion and a school with the highest number of online students. To use our uniqueness, openness, and flexibility to become the bearer of change in innovative learning, developing current knowledge, and research for sustainable growth.


Transforming challenges into opportunities with new programmes and approaches.

We employ innovative approaches and modern programmes to spread knowledge and connect all who believe in success. We are winning new markets and providing an excellent academic experience for the development of an agile, digitally competent and expert manager for the flexibility of companies.

Our values

Agility and change management
We are able to adapt quickly and manage the changes brought by the environment and technologies. The fast responsiveness to the changes in the market and the needs of our users enable us to achieve our objectives. We are well-organised, efficient, and successful.

Our unique programmes and pedagogical approach and the comprehensive support in all phases of the educational process allow us to develop an agile, digitally competent and expert manager for the flexibility of companies.

Ethical values
We are bound to high ethical principles that are at the core of our study programmes and our actions. Education and our own actions facilitate respect, acceptance of diversity, tolerance and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Innovation and development-oriented nature
Our dynamic research and development activities and focus on innovations, which are supported by modern technologies, allow us to help all stakeholders gain knowledge and develop their competencies and careers.

Cooperation and collaboration
We actively encourage the cooperation of various stakeholders. We facilitate the development of teamwork in all our colleagues, students, and participants.

Sustainable excellence
We implement the concept of sustainable excellence in the teaching and business processes. All of our employees focus on ensuring long-term benefits to all our stakeholders and on socially responsible actions.

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International Open Day
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