Our Vision, Mission and Values


Our Vision, Mission and Values


A School that Goes Beyond.

DOBA Business School will be the leading school for online learning in South East Europe. It will be an international champion and a school with the highest number of online students. With its uniqueness, openness and flexibility, it will be the driver of change in innovative learning, the development of up-to-date knowledge, and research for sustainable growth.


To use innovative approaches, modern programmes and research work to spread knowledge and bring together all who believe in success and the power of a smile. We are winning new markets and providing an excellent academic experience for the development of an agile and digitally competent professional and manager for business resilience and are active participants in the search for answers to the challenges of modern society.

Our values

Agility and change management
We are able to adapt and manage change quickly by continuously updating our study programmes, embedding our scientific research work in the wider society and continuously developing the competencies of our staff. We are well-organised, efficient, and successful.

Excellence and uniqueness
Excellence, such as the constant strive to improve the services that we offer, makes us unique in the field of online learning, competency development and organisation. It is based on reflecting on R&D for the needs of our key stakeholders and embedding its outcomes in study programmes and the wider social context. Excellence in the design of study programmes for the challenges of the future that goes beyond the national average.

Ethical values
We are committed to high ethical principles that are at the core of our study programmes, scientific research and our actions. Educational work and our own actions promote mutual respect, acceptance of diversity, tolerance, and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Innovation and development
Innovation and development are based on open cooperation between different stakeholders to jointly develop new knowledge and innovation in a knowledge economy where we pursue different aspects of sustainable development. Our dynamic scientific research and development activities and focus on innovations, which are supported by modern technologies, allow us to help all key stakeholders gain knowledge and develop their competencies and careers.

Cooperation and collaboration
We believe that we are stronger and better together. We actively bring together different stakeholders in our work and activities and encourage the development of teamwork among colleagues, students and participants.

Sustainable excellence
We implement the concept of sustainable excellence in our teaching, scientific research, development and business processes. All of our employees focus on ensuring long-term benefits for our key stakeholders and on socially responsible actions.

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International Open Day
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