December 12 2019

Virtual Spring 2020 – International Projects for Our Students

International virtual projects allow students to work in international teams, develop competencies, and gain indispensible references. Here's two unique virtual project for DOBA students.

This spring, we are organising international virtual projects with our partners from Belgium, the Netherlands, Latvia and South Africa, with two being available to DOBA Business School students free of charge. These projects provide an international experience to students who are unable to study or experience work placement abroad for a longer period of time. They are all implemented in English language.

The advantages of virtual projects for students:

  • International teams
  • New knowledge
  • New friends
  • International teachers, experts in the field
  • Development of intercultural competencies
  • Development of digital competencies
  • Opportunity to improve the knowledge of English
  • International certificate and a reference not everybody can provide.

Virtual Communication Across Cultures (@Home)

Would you like to experience what it is like working in an international team and learn how to communicate even better in a virtual team with members coming from different countries? Would you like to provide your employer with a reference stating that you are able to communicate in an intercultural virtual team? If so, the Virtual Communication Across Cultures project is the right opportunity for you.

Well-developed intercultural competencies are essential for working in a global world. Do you sense differences across cultures and know how to react correspondingly? We are setting up a playground for intercultural communication and working on case studies. 

When? From 23 March to 2 April
What? The importance of intercultural competencies for employment and success in the workplace, the hidden meaning of words, direct and indirect communication, cultural connotation, communication styles, constructive solving of intercultural conflicts, etc.
Who? Students of NHL Stenden University (campuses in the Netherlands, Qatar, South Africa, Bali, Thailand), students of DOBA Business School (Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia).
How? Virtual, with an introductory get-to-know meeting, 4 lectures by the best lecturers in intercultural communication (Slovenia, England, the Netherlands, and Russia), with unique case studies, establishing connections with international students in the Blackboard virtual environment, and the final virtual meeting with team presentations and a panel by all four lecturers.

“Thank you for this opportunity. Working in an intercultural but at the same time also virtual team is inspiring. It was an amazing experience which I will be able to use at work. The participation in this project has undoubtedly exceeded all my expectations.'

International Innovation Hackathon: Hack the Waste

Do you like innovations and new challenges? Can you imagine working in an international and interdisciplinary team which creates a new solution for waste management within 24 hours? And what if your solution convinces investors and opens new opportunities in your career? This solution includes a new application and preparation of the entire concept for the development of the solution into a potential innovation with a convincing pitch for investors. If so, the International Innovation Hackathon project is the opportunity you have been looking for.

When? 15 and 16 May (exciting 24 hours, from noon until noon)
What? Current problems in waste management. Focus for 2020 hackathon: plastic waste.
Who? Students from Belgium (UCLL), the Netherlands (Fontys), South Africa (ITversity Belgium Campus), Latvia (BA School of Business and Finance) and of course DOBA Business School students from Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia.
How? A 24-hour online meeting with participants from different countries, establishing connections with members of an international team with the chosen tools, intermediate assistance from tutors, final pitch presentations for the committee, announcing the winners and conferring the awards.

“Amazing experience! An exciting night, working in teams with students who I never would have met otherwise. I definitively improved my English or at least summed up the courage to speak it.”

The deadline is 1 February 2020. Places are limited. Register now. >>

More info:

Since you are here ...

  • You are also invited to join our International Virtual Summer School > read more.
  • Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programmes (CMEPIUS) and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport has bestowed DOBA Business School with a national award Apple of Quality 2019 and they have specifcally emphasized the importance and success of our virtual project. Read more.


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