This year, the virtual summer school again boasted international attendance – 150 participants from 38 different countries, from Portugal and Rwanda to the USA, India, Singapore, ...
June 22 2020

Successful Conclusion of the 12th Virtual Summer School

The ten-day summer school offered participants insight into intercultural communication through online lectures and assignments which they had to complete during the Creative Cross-Cultural Communication course.

10 amazing days of intercultural teamwork, 7 insightful assignments, 4 interactive webinars and 4 expert teachers and tutors.

  • Participants were able to raise their intercultural awareness and understand communication in high context or low context cultures.
  • They facilitated an understanding of different possibilities to communicate and spread ideas.
  • They were creative in preparing analyses and adapt to ways of communication in their own or different culture and situations.

»Thank you for the great opportunity you gave me by being a part of the Creative Cross Cultural Communication course. I have learnt a lot and do appreciate the chance I had. Collaborating, meeting and interacting in a diverse team online was excellent and our course instructors and the support staff did a great job.«  Anne Aseey, Kenya

'As a Turkish family; my husband and I (with our 2 children) living in Ljubljana, Slovenia and doing business with some of the european countries around; “Creative Cross-Cultural Communication Summer Course” was literally cut out for me.

Despite the course was free of  charge and being held virtually by “Doba Business School”, we dealt with experienced coordinator, tutor, instructor and lecturers who are very resourceful in their fields, via: e-mails, forums and live webinars.

It has been 20 years since I graduated from the university. 2 decades later, I was feeling lost while searching for new ideas and approaches. By the help of both individual and group assignments of this course, I had a chance to get information about different kinds of resources; such as videos, quotations from books, web-pages of foremost researchers, scientists moreover young and active, well-educated team mates. I am proud to say that we are still in touch with some of them.

I am glad that my application was approved and I had a chance to catch up some. Now I am looking for new opportunities at Doba Business School to embrace.' Şennur Muratoğlu, Turkey    

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