July 07 2021

Successful Completion of the 2020/2021 Academic Year

In the surveys at the end of the 2020/2021 academic year, as many as 93% of the students reported that the implementation of the programme had met their expectations.

At the end of the academic year, DOBA Business School students assessed individual elements of the implementation of studies in the 2020/2021 academic year. The highest assessment on the 7-point scale was given to the cooperation with associates in technical support, the cooperation with associates in the Student Affairs Office, and to the cooperation with the academic advisor or program manager.

Here are a few of their thoughts:

I loved the fact that the school’s staff are so friendly, fast, and accommodating. They are always ready to help: the academic advisor as well as the Student Affairs Office and technical associates. And, as mentioned before, the excellent teachers and online tutors.

The communication with the teachers, tutors, and peers was flawless – I received their answers very quickly and I didn't experience any kind of technical difficulties with the communication.

I’d like to emphasise the most obvious. During these critical times of the epidemic, the elaborate online learning model at your school has really proven itself – there were absolutely no restrictions or obstacles to be detected. Congratulations!

I loved how everyone turned to online learning and distance learning during these Corona times, while this type of learning was completely normal to us. Basically, nothing changed for us, unlike for other people who literally had their lives turned upside down overnight.

The practical applicability of the content is the greatest strength of all courses that I had the opportunity to take. In addition, I’d like to emphasise the amazing work of all expert associates, i.e. all non-academic staff. The responsiveness and communication, and especially their understanding in case of problems, are truly at the highest possible level.

In general, my studies this last year delighted me with the interesting content, assignments, and the practical nature of the studies.

The same as last year, I again loved your cooperation with us, the students. I feel that we are not just a number for you and you make every effort to remind us of our deadlines and forgotten applications.

I like that the assignments in the courses are largely based on practical examples and on finding solutions to a specific problem. Students can express ourselves and exchange opinions in the team, which is a major advantage for our careers, as we gain confidence and expertise.

The practical nature of studies at DOBA, and online learning in general, are undoubtedly the vital advantage that attracted me to the studies. I’m finishing my studies this year and I’m delighted with how my studies went. Looking at primary and secondary schools and other institutions and the problems that they experienced during the epidemic just to set up a functioning online learning system, it’s clear that DOBA has a major advantage here. In short, only words of praise.

Thank you, DOBA Business School, for a great five years, where I got my bachelor and (hopefully soon) also my master’s degree. The study mode, the people, the teachers, the online tutors, and the whole system are great!


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