January 23 2020

Our Doctoral Students

The experience of studying in the Doctoral Programme Innovation and Sustainable Business Management in Digital Society

At DOBA Business School we are proud to offer our fully online Doctoral Programme Innovation and Sustainable Business Management in Digital Society in English language.

With its knowledge triangle, the doctoral programme offered by DOBA Business School compares to the best programmes in Europe. The programme is distinguished by its unique mode of implementation, as it is implemented fully online and is as such the only online doctoral programme in Southeast Europe. DOBA Business School holds two international accreditations for the implementation of online learning. The doctoral programme offered by DOBA Business School is intended for individuals who wish to develop their academic career or be active in research organisations, as well as for individuals wishing to work in research centres/departments within companies or in excellence centres which represent a link between the economy and the academic sphere and which focus on facilitating the concentration of knowledge in priority areas.

Our two doctoral students shared their experience.


Hana Selak, doctoral student:

“My name is Hana, I live in Dublin and I work for one of the biggest IT organisations in the world. 

I was strongly drawn towards this particular doctoral programme, and its interdisciplinary concept of innovation and sustainable business management. Its research interests are an excellent match for my academic background and my professional carrier. My motivation for a doctoral study is thirst for knowledge, challenge and further success. As I travel frequently and work long hours, excellent programme support and access to the best databases for scientific research are extremely important. At DOBA everything is within my reach, that is why I cannot imagine a better place to study, and work on my doctoral dissertation. 

Whatever we do in life, there is always space for improvement! :)”


Milos Zec, doctoral student:

“DOBA Business School is a perfect place and great opportunity for all ambitious people who want to work on their personal development and pursue their education remotely. The students are equipped with crucial skill sets through array of contemporary courses that find practical applications in vast majority of business and social environment settings.

Beside the practical applications students can decide to pursue their academic carrier through the doctoral program that I am part of. Based on my personal experience so far the courses have been designed in a creative manner and have helped me explore my doctoral dissertation topic from multiple aspects and perspectives. As we are all aware, working and studying is not an easy venture. However, after work, learning and working on course activities come more as a refreshment than doing something boring and tedious. I believe I feel that way due to the courses offer variety of interesting and contemporary contents and activities.”

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