May 03 2022

Employers estimate that 77% of DOBA Business School graduates get promoted

One aspect of quality that DOBA Business School considers to be very important is the assessment of the quality of its graduates as seen and perceived by their employers. 

Surveying of employers of DOBA Business School graduates is one of the key tools for obtaining information on the success of our graduates on the labour market and information on the relevance and applicability of the skills and competencies that they acquired or developed during online learning. To date, 5,251 bachelor and master’s students have graduated from DOBA Business School.

Structure of companies answering the survey:

  • Activity: 64% economic sector, 36% non-economic sector
  • Size: 12% micro, 28% small, 12% medium-sized, 48% large

The results of the survey were compared with those of the previous two years and with the results of DOBA Business School’s survey on Added Value of Online Learning, which was conducted in 2021 and where the level of development of specific competencies was assessed by both graduates and employers.

The received results allow us to assess that the employers of DOBA Business School graduates are satisfied with the competencies acquired by their employees and that education provides them with advancement in their career in terms of higher salaries and better jobs.

Some key results of the survey:

  • Employers believe the best developed competency of DOBA Business School graduates to be cooperation and teamwork (6.6 on a 7-point scale). In the Added Value of Online Learning survey (2021), this competency was also identified as the focal point of the online learning model around which students develop important organisational, social, personal and information competencies unrelated to the programme in which they are studying.
  • Use of communication and remote working tools is one of the competencies for which employers have particularly highlighted their employees’ good knowledge of tools for working from home, which has greatly facilitated the transition to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Critical thinking and effective problem-solving is the competency that employers consider as the most important competency for their employees. The fact that this competency is highly developed among DOBA Business School graduates has been confirmed by the employers giving the development of this competency an average grade of 6.1 on a 7-point scale.
  • A diploma from DOBA Business School leads to promotion in the workplace. 77% of employers estimated that their employees would be promoted, receive a higher salary or bonus.
  • Employers believe (96%) that DOBA Business School has a good or high reputation and consider it to be a school that follows modern trends in education, a school offering high-quality study programmes and a trustworthy educational institution.
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