“The best way to predict the future is to create it” Abraham Lincoln
May 26 2023

20 years of DOBA Business School – 20 years of opening up new perspectives

DOBA Business School started creating its future and the future of its students in 2003. For 20 years, our modern programmes and study modes have been opening up new perspectives, career and development opportunities for students and graduates and the organisations they work for. 

Our mission is to spread knowledge and bring together all who believe in success and the power of a smile. We do this by synergising research, education and development work, while promoting collaboration, innovation, and internationalisation.  

In a dynamically changing environment, DOBA Business School has built its 20-year history on the foundations of continuous development, networking and cooperation, innovation, new knowledge, digital technologies, and the pursuit of excellence in all fields. A forward-looking way of thinking and acting has produced results that we are very proud of: 11 accredited study programmes with which we are present in Slovenia and in international markets and more than 9,000 enrolled students from 46 countries.  We are distinguished by pedagogical innovation and modern programmes supported by advanced digital technologies.

But the real winners of our work are our graduates – almost 6,000 of them – who are paving the way to success with their new skills and competencies.

Our greatest developmental achievement is our online learning model, which we can proudly place alongside international models that are considered to be the most sophisticated and high-quality in the world. It has been designed in response to the need for greater accessibility, flexibility and quality of education and has been awarded two international accreditations.

Important milestones on the road to the future are also the numerous innovative research and development projects that are helping the school realise its vision:  We are and want to continue to be a school that goes beyond.

In a time of constant change, we face a great responsibility to prepare our students for the future, to think together about sustainable aspects of our life and work, with a focus on caring for the environment, so that future generations can live and create on this beautiful planet. 

Over the 20 years of its existence, DOBA Business School has built solid foundations and is boldly moving forward on its journey to be competitive on the global stage. Thank you all for being on this journey with us. 

DOBA Business School in numbers

  • 5 bachelor programmes
  • 5 master’s programmes
  • 1 doctoral programme
  • 4,872 graduates of bachelor programmes and 736 graduates of master’s programmes
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