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Webinar: International event by DOBA Business School: Innovative Pedagogy in Online Learning

20. december 2022

Recognised international experts presented the trends and best practices in pedagogical technology-enhanced innovation in higher education and other forms of technology-enhanced learning.

The development and transformation of the World Wide Web and new technologies play a major role and offer a lot of potential for developing new forms of teaching and learning for higher education institutions, in line with digital transformation processes and the educational needs of modern society.

The focus of the modern learning process is on the student, who acquires knowledge and competencies in an autonomous, personalised and adaptable way through continuous interaction in a wide network of cooperation and networking, taking into account the ethical and humanistic principles of the digital society. The pedagogical innovations of the future include pedagogical approaches and methods such as open education, authentic and ubiquitous learning, co-creating learning and teaching, microlearning, artificial intelligence, and augmented and virtual reality.

The international virtual event will host recognised international and Slovenian experts, who will present the trends and best practices of higher education pedagogical innovation in online learning and other forms of technology-enhanced learning.

You will be able to use the acquired knowledge when shaping policies and strategies for the development of online learning and when introducing or upgrading existing online practices in educational institutions.


From the event: 

  • Ms Mariella Pugliesi, Head of the Didactic Office at Rome Business School, Italy, presented their school’s experience with adapting pedagogical approaches during the pandemic. 
  • Dr Lea Bregar presented a best practice example of introducing pedagogical innovations in the context of the experience with introducing microlearning at DOBA Business School.

  • Dr Steve Wheeler from Steve Wheeler Associates Ltd. spoke of personalisation and individualisation of learning.

  • Dr Sandra Kučina Softič, president of the EDEN network and Assistant Director for Education and User Support at the Zagreb University Computing Centre, Croatia, spoke of digital learning in higher education and ways to improve it. She presented 12 principles of technology-enhanced teaching from 1995 which remain relevant even 30 years later, e.g. good teaching can overcome a poorly chosen technology but technology will never save poor teaching, usually only making it worse.

  • Prof. Dr Mark Brown from Dublin Business University, Ireland, discussed microcredentials (the possibility of earning credits, certificates on completed short-term training) as an example of trends and best practices in pedagogical technology-enhanced innovation.

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