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Do More in 2017 for Self-Motivation

21. november 2017
Even though December is a time of merriness, gift-giving and happiness, it is also a time when we try to finish all our tasks as hastily as possible so as to have the best possible start to the new year.

This can however give rise to negative feelings. We lack energy, zeal and strength to realise our activities. This feeling of a lack of motivation can soon spread to other activities that await us. So, how do we avoid this vicious cycle? Self-motivation is the key.

A self-motivated individual is not only driven by self-initiative and independence but these also make him willing to take on the work and stick with it despite the obstacles.

How to be self-motivated?

  • Start simple: keep motivators around your work area – little things, pictures, thoughts or verses that give you that initial spark to get going.
  • Visualise success: close your eyes for 5 minutes and visualise the appearance of the end result and the excellence of the process. Your brain does not distinguish between visualisation and reality and believes that an assignment has already been completed. This makes the whole process a lot easier and the visualisation of a successful outcome motivates the individual to even take the actual step forward.
  • Plan in advance: focus on your main priorities every day and make a list of no more than 3 to 5 activities for the next day. Pencil them in your calendar the same as meetings.
  • Surround yourself with positive people: make more encounters with positive, motivated, strong and admired people. Short conversations over a cup of coffee or even messenger chats and exchange of ideas can help you achieve new impetus for work and for solving any kind of challenge.
  • Know yourself: keep notes on when your motivation is really low and when you feel like a superstar. Soon, you will discover a pattern of motivation and will be able to avoid low motivation.
  • Track your progress: keep a tally of activities for ongoing projects and monitor your progress. Tackle eventual failures and overcome the obstacles. Pursue your objective. Visualise success.
  • Reward yourself: a reward at the end of the project can help you find the motivation to complete a task (a massage or dinner with friends, a show or a trip, etc..
  • Finally – be positive, think positive: there is no stronger weapon than a positive and correct attitude and approach to the realisation of set objectives. Find something positive and educational in the less pleasant things.

Interested in your level of self-motivation?

Take this simple test ( and check your score. If you lack self-motivation, let the steps described above help you achieve higher self-motivation and your objectives.

Self-motivation is a key factor for the study and business success of our students and graduates of undergraduate and Master’s study programmes, as in addition to family, work and other obligations, they also have to successfully and regularly tackle all study obligations.


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