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Where to Stay?

As Maribor is one of Slovenia’s academic cities with over 600 foreign students per year, there are no worries you will be alone. We advise you to stay in one of the following dormitories:

  1. Mini Student Dorm (11 Partizanska cesta; 100 m or 1 min walk from DOBA). Private student dormitory in the strict centre of the city. Beds from EUR 160 per month.
  2. S hotel (at 20 Smetanova ulica; 1.2 km or 15 min walk from DOBA). Hotel in the centre of Maribor that also operates as a dormitory. Beds from EUR 150 per month.
  3. Student dormitory UM (Dorm Number 1 at 23 Tyrševa; 700 m or 9 min walk from DOBA). Dormitories operated by the University of Maribor, where foreign students from various faculties frequently occupy especially Dorm Number 1. The dormitory is also very close to DOBA. Beds from EUR 640 per semester.
  4. Private dormitory Tomi (at 22 Iztokova ulica; 3 km or 40 min walk from DOBA;). Private dormitory on the outskirts of the city with more possibilities for recreation. Beds from EUR 100 per month.

If you prefer private accommodation, the best option is to search the Kamrica portal. Even though the ads are mostly in Slovenian, you will be able to assess the main information with pictures of available private accommodation options (in the first drop-down menu under Regija/Region you must choose Podravska regija).

However, we advise to stay in the dorms or to get help (one option is The Student Experience Exchange platform).