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How to Reach us?

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia and is located in the northeastern part of the country (the Štajerska region). It is settled between the Mariborsko Pohorje Mountain and the Drava River, which influence the life of the city with the specific natural features and sports opportunities.

By train

The city train station (at 50 Partizanska cesta) is located approximately 500 m from DOBA (6 min walk). More information about train schedules and ticket prices is available from the website of the Slovenian Railways.
There are also good connections with the Austrian ÖBB and Croatian Railways if you are arriving via our northern or southern neighbouring country.


By plane

As Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport (located app. 9 km from DOBA) is mainly booked with charter flights, we advise that you choose one of the 3 nearest airports:

  1. Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport: The arrival from the Ljubljana Airport to Maribor requires two steps: there are approximately 60 km from the Ljubljana Airport to the city of Ljubljana and you can take a taxi or bus (more information on both is available from the website of the Ljubljana Airport) or the train.
  2. Graz Airport: The Graz Airport (Austria) is approximately 60 km from Maribor and the easiest choice is the taxi or train.
  3. Zagreb Airport: There are approximately 120 km from the Zagreb Airport to Maribor and we suggest that you take the train.

By bus

The city bus station (at 1 Mlinska ulica) is located near the train station (6 min walk from DOBA) and is well connected with distance lines through Arriva, Marprom and Flixbus.

By car

In light of its size, Slovenia is easily accessible by car. More information on traffic is provided by AMZS or DARS, which covers motorways.

One of the most broadly used transport services in Slovenia is Prevozi. It is organised through a platform, which enables users to contact the driver (usually via mobile phone) to share expenses. Even though the site is available only in Slovenian, it is not unusual also for foreigners to use it, while it represent the fastest and cheapest way of getting around (the typical price for a trip between Maribor and Ljubljana is EUR 5 in one way).