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The Votes are in for DOBA’s Best Teachers

The flattering title of best teacher for the 2016/2017 academic year went to Dr Andrej Kovačič in undergraduate programmes and Dr Marko Divjak in master’s programmes.



There are over 210 teachers and online tutors at our Business School and every year, students choose who they believe to be The Best. This year, 233 students voted for the best teacher and best online tutor. Here are the the results.


The best teacher in undergraduate programmes is Dr Andrej Kovačič.
Dr Andrej Kovačič received this flattering title for the first time. In the last academic year, he navigated his students through the Communication and New Technologies courses.

Dr. Kovačič undertook hundreds of researches, as well as advised or guided many Slovene companies in the last ten years. He is the most active in the field of marketing, media and literacy, coaching and therapy, and communication techniques of public speaking, sales, scripting and political communication. As a coach he undertakes over 350 hours of training per year.

He is the author of several academic and professional articles and PRO-active communication techniques. As a coach he undertakes over 350 hours of training per year at four Universities and numerous businesses. He is an active coach, therapist and philanthropist (more information at www.andrejkovacic.com).

You can read her reaction to winning this award here.

Students chose Dr Marko Divjak as the best teacher in master’s programmes.
Dr Divjak received this flattering title for the third consecutive year. He steered his students through the Business Research Methods, Sales Strategies and Techniques and Project work course.

After receiving his graduate degree in psychology, Dr Divjak worked at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana for a few years and in 2011 received his PhD in psychology. From 2008 to 2016, he was professionally involved in market and public opinion surveys in Interstat d.o.o., a company he also managed as the director from 2011. With the 2016/17 academic year, he joined the team of DOBA Business School as a research and development associate and a higher education teacher. In his work, he focuses on the psychology of sales, market research and research in the field of transferable skills.

You can read her reaction to winning this award here.

The right hand of all teachers are online tutors, experts in the fields covered by their courses, who monitor students seven day a week, motivate them, provide feedback, solve professional problems that students encounter during their studies, direct them through the course and answer their questions every day of the week. Online tutors provide support to both the teacher and students.

Students chose the best online tutors for the 2016/2017 academic year:

Congratulations to all! :-)

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