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The updated logo of DOBA

Dissemination of knowledge is a dynamic story that DOBA began co-creating in 1990 – with a lot of effort, knowledge, opportunities and exceptional results.

We have developed into one of the leading and most recognisable players in the educational arena in South East Europe.

Optimism, energy and the sun with a view of the future have always accompanied our development and found their place in the DOBA logo. Logos carry a significant symbolic message of a company or institution and remain forever. They are a part of its past and affect its future.
This year, DOBA decided to update its logo, however the key elements: the name, the sun, the colour blue, and full letters remain.

The updated logo will be able to communicate its positive and sunny message only if all, who co-create DOBA and strive for the outstanding with vision and objectives, will receive and use it with enthusiasm. 

This logo should also serve as a sign gratitude to all who have and continue to leave a mark in our educational story, to all who believe in us, who have and will in the future share your knowledge, hopes and a sunny future with us.

Our slogan for this year is: Let knowledge from DOBA make you shine.

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