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Smart Cities: Free webinar on spatial planning

Monday, 19th June, at 20.00 CET

Take the opportunity and participate at a free webinar with the title Taking communities seriously - Participation in spatial planning and placemaking.

When we mention participation in urban planning to planners, they often pull a sour face. Mainly, because their past experiences with participation include angry people loudly protesting, sometimes even shouting at them. Nothing is wrong with protests after all democracy cannot survive without integrating protest in a system itself. However, some protests can be avoided if we start talking with different stakeholders at the right time - meaning they participate in planning process from the early stages on. But participation is not only a reaction on top down developed plans and decisions. It can also be a bottom up contribution to placemaking - community based revitalisation of under-used spaces for example. Such cases include a win win scenarios: communities get places they wished for and city administration spend less money than they would in case they would revitalise the space by themselves in a top down manner. Not to mention they could simply miss the interests of the community that would result in potentially failed investment as the new place wouldn’t be used much. It is often overlooked that success of both mentioned types of participation grounds on the same foundation – taking people and communities seriously and as partners.  

Aidan will discuss different types of participation in his lecture. Theoretical and practical elements of participation will be presented. Different methods of organising a participative practice will be analysed.

Please join the webinar clicking on the following link. You just need the internet access and headsets with microphone in order to participate in the discussion.

About the lecturer

Aidan Cerar, Ph.D is a sociologist trained at the University of Ljubljana and Leuphana University of Lüneburg. He is employed at the Institute for spatial policies, and before that he had been at the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region. He has mainly been involved in the projects dealing with issues related to urban regeneration, civic participation, community involvement in planning, creative industries in relation to urban development, etc. He regularly gives lectures at Slovenian and foreign universities and regularly speaks at national and international conferences. He is an author of several articles mainly dealing with urban development. Aidan has been in charge of the public participation process in the preparation of sustainable urban mobility plans for several Slovenian cities. He is also a founding member of Library of Things, a social innovation service established in Ljubljana and a member of Maja Farol, a well-established group of architects.


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