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Reality TV for International Experience

In cooperation with Stenden University of Applied Sciences from the Netherlands, we successfully implemented the Reality TV project, which was attended by students from different countries.

The Reality TV project aimed to contribute to the development of 21st century competencies (4C – Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking and Creativity). In the project, 23 students from both schools participated in a team discussion using modern online communication tools on the subject of reality shows. Mixed teams of students from ten different countries (Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Croatia, Brazil, China, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Oman, etc.) had to use virtual communication to exchange their views on reality shows at home and across the world in a limited time and adopt joint conclusions on the future of these shows, from the social, ethical and economic aspect. The students had to use the method of the six thinking hats by de Bono for the discussion.

Students expressed their wish for more reality shows with educational content, while they also established that it is the viewers who determine the type and frequency of such shows. They also learned that in order for communication to be effective, linguistic and cultural barriers have to be overcome, information communication tools have to be mastered and we need to be aware of the primary team role that an individual member assumes in communication (e.g. which hat according to de Bono).

Such projects are the right direction in the field of internationalisation at home, which is also one of DOBA Business School’s main priorities. We are already in discussions with the Stenden University on preparing similar projects in the future.

The project was prepared in the context of interdisciplinary projects through Businet, where business schools develop the possibility of international experience also for students who are employed or unable to spend a semester abroad.

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