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Fit for summer – join our summer school

Online, 6th June to 3rd July 2017

This topic will be in focus of the 9th International Virtual Summer School bearing the title: Fit for Business Fit for Life. The virtual summer school will be held from 6th June to 3rd July 2017.

People in the global world are expected to assume full responsibility for their lives. The modern society needs innovative and creative individuals who are able to recognise and seize many opportunities. The development of entrepreneurship is of key importance for the present and future.

Join our virtual summer school and gain new knowledge, recognise the characteristics and the importance of communication in the modern intercultural society, develop the ability of positive attitude and creativity, and meet new people online.

Interesting free online webinars held by national and foreign experts, online modules and online courses are in focus during the virtual summer school.

More information about the virtual summer school programme with the application is available here.

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