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Among the companies that have recently marked the economic practices in the Podravje region with their stable and socially responsible operations, LUMAR IG d.o.o. deserves special notice.


DOBA Business School has always nurtured close connections with its community. This is why, accompanying DOBA’s 25th anniversary, we introduced special awards for successful companies and economists whose special achievements in our region in the last year deserve special mention. This is how we wish to show the attitude of our educational institution towards best business practices.


In consideration of the criteria of successful and stable operations and the contribution to the community, the management of DOBA Business School decided to confer the DOBA OF THE FUTURE award for 2016 to LUMAR IG D.O.O.


Today, already the third generation of the Lukić family is learning about business in the LUMAR family-owned company. The company has asserted itself as the most innovative and successful Slovenian company in prefabricated construction. From 2010 to 2015, the company generated a 59 % growth in revenue and a 23 % growth in the number of employees. With EUR 56,000 of value added per employee, LUMAR exceeds the Slovenian average by 40 % and the average in the manufacturing sector by 38 %. As a medium-sized enterprise, it even exceeds the average value added per employee in large companies by 10 %.

More than 45 % of employees have an educational level of VI or VII.

LUMAR has asserted its position in the most demanding European markets such as Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.  LUMAR is a trendsetter in its branch. The stability of its operations is proven by the fast adoption of novelties and economic efficiency, which allowed them to additionally optimise prices of passive and low-energy facilities in recent years, which is a major reason for their market performance.

They did not react to the past crisis with downsizing but increased efforts for providing employees with additional training. They regularly include educational institutions in their processes and cooperate with them intensively so as to transfer theoretical knowledge to practice. Early stage researchers and PhD students of technical sciences are regularly included in their processes. They utilise the power of sponsorships and donations to help shape a pleasant, friendly and high-quality living environment in Slovenia.

Our award therefore joins a number of recognitions that the company has already received in Maribor, Slovenia and abroad. Congratulations!

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