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DOBA’s Blended Learning Approach

Our blended learning approach delivers a balanced combination of intense face-to-face campus learning and tutor supported self-paced online learning. This fresh approach provides optimal effectiveness, enriches students’ learning experience and essentially offers the “best of both worlds’’.

Each course starts with intensive two-week block of on-campus face-to-face teaching and continues with and additional two-week tutor supported self-paced online learning block.

On-campus face-to-face learning blocks take place at DOBA Business School in Maribor, Slovenia. 

The on-campus face-to-face blocks are intensive. During the classroom time, professors conduct lectures and seminars and students are expected


Self-paced online learning blocks are a continuation of the face-to-face sessions. They are as intensive as those that are conducted face-to-face.During these blocks, students work with the learning materials, research topics started in the on-campus face-to-face block in greater depth, attend online tutorial sessions, participate in forum discussions and work on course assignments individually or with fellow students. There are deadlines for assignments students have to meet.

Personal tutors, who are members of the teaching staff and who provides academic guidance, support students throughout this block.   

Self-paced online learning blocks allows students:

  1. To return home and continue in their job while researching topics started during the on-campus face-to-face block in greater depth.
  2. To stay on campus and take advantage of the face-to-face collaboration with global fellow students, of non-formal intercultural learning and of gaining cross-cultural experience.

Blackboard Learn, a proven and easy-to-use virtual learning environment, is used to facilitate both on-campus face-to-face blocks and self-paced online learning blocks.